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What to Wear to a Wedding

What to Wear? Series – Blog 1

“I’m the mother of the bride (or groom).  It’s a casual beach wedding.  What do I wear?

Wedding season is upon us next month!  And since weddings can range from casual beach weddings to black tie affairs, it can be tricky knowing what to wear— especially if you’re the mother of the bride or groom.  First we will explore some basic trends to consider such as styles and colors, then we will look at how to further narrow down these options depending upon the venue.



One of the key components in any fashion collection is the use of color – when properly used it reflects the essence of the design.  Champagne remains a timeless choice for mothers and works well regardless of season.  For the spring, a delicate lavender or an ice pink dress is stunning, while a fall wedding invites darker, more sophisticated hues such as a rich purple or a chocolate brown.


Short Suits

As destination and casual weddings become more popular, many mothers are opting for formal short suits featuring the finest chic silk fabrics. Suits are easier to move about in than more formal pieces, and they can also be brought out time and time again for work events, dinners, and other special gatherings.  A nice suit will also add some variety to your wardrobe, as you can wear most styles of suit jackets with jeans, or the skirt with a variety of blouses.


Younger Looks

Mothers (and let’s be honest, most women out of college) struggle when shopping for a dress because what’s usually offered by department stores is either too dance club and trendy or too old and matronly.  Ladies in general enjoy looking young and sexy but without compromising on elegance and sophistication.  A wedding presents the perfect opportunity to bring your vision of the perfect dress to life by having a dress custom made to fit.  Whether your dream is a tasteful strapless, halter, or bias cut dress, or you prefer a timeless ball gown, Annette Ellen Designs will deliver a one of a kind design experience.



Stylish Looks with Some Coverage

Often venues can be chilly, so it is nice to have some coverage that complements your dress versus having to put on a cardigan that doesn’t match or borrowing a gentleman’s jacket.  Strapless and other similar style dresses can be customized with beautiful wraps or jackets made from lighter fabrics such as silk organza, chiffon, or tulle.




The following guidelines are just as important as the aforementioned trends and are the next step in deciding what to wear to a wedding.  It is important to find out the type of wedding ahead of time— for instance, it might be uncomfortable to wear a very formal dress or a suit to an outdoor beach wedding where weather can be an uncertainty.  It is also important to honor the couple and their event by dressing appropriately for the venue. Here are some common types of weddings with related suggestions for attire that will help you to look and feel your best!

Casual or Garden Weddings:

Think about how you would dress up wear to meet a friend for lunch on a nice spring day.  A nice flowing skirt and blouse, a dressy pant outfit, or even a beautiful sundress. For shoes, wedge heels or flats are a must if you’re going to be outside (high heels and pumps are notorious for getting stuck in the ground or causing falls on uneven grass). You might even consider wearing a sleek Mary Jane shoe style.


Beach Weddings:

This type of wedding can be a little tricky to dress for so always consider the venue, season, time of day, and the weather.  For a casual beach wedding, you might want to wear a light, breezy skirt and blouse, a comfortable and attractive pants and blouse combination, or a casual sundress.  For a formal beach wedding, consider pairing an elegant skirt and top— a light silk combination might be a wonderful option depending on the location and time of year. A knee-length dress featuring a lighter fabric such as chiffon would also work for a formal beach wedding, as would a casual maxi dress.



Semi-Formal Weddings:

“Semi-formal” can be a bit confusing to decipher, as no one wants to be either too dressed up or too casual.  A good rule of thumb is that it is a little dressier than a cocktail party but not a pull out all the stops black tie affair.  For women, this means an evening style dress with formal fabrics such as silk, chiffon, satin, or something lightly beaded.  The length of the dress should be cocktail length (just above or below the knee), tea length, or ankle length.


Black Tie Weddings:

Black tie weddings are a license to go full Hollywood glamour!  It is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to wear a floor-length gown with heels and dramatic, eye-catching jewelry.  Embrace the opportunity!


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