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Look and Feel Beautiful at Any Age, Any Size

Throughout August, we have been celebrating Self Love, so it seems fitting to discuss this very important yet often misunderstood concept.  Self Love, when you are not accustomed to implementing it, might feel selfish or even narcissistic.  After all, most of us were taught to think of others before we think about ourselves, and having an overinflated ego doesn’t look good on anyone.  But Self Love is simply having regard for one’s own wellbeing and happiness, and implementing just a few of these small acts of kindness toward oneself can truly help you look and feel beautiful no matter where you find yourself in life.

Celebrate the small things.  Kurt Vonnegut once said: “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.”  Life certainly has its milestone moments such as anniversaries and graduations.  But what is it that gives you pleasure every day?  Maybe it’s the first cup of coffee in the morning or the book you’re reading.  Perhaps it’s a daily hug from your favorite coworker or your spouse bringing home your favorite bottle of wine.  Sometimes during the daily grind of life, we forget the day to day things that make us feel beautiful.

Take care of yourself.  While it is very important to enjoy life (i.e., have that chocolate cake from time to time!), don’t forget to exercise, get plenty of sleep, and eat healthy.  Instead of having a granola bar and rushing out the door every morning, take the extra time for yourself to have a nourishing breakfast.  You are worth it.

Set healthy boundaries.  It is wonderful to be “the person everyone can count on.”  But be mindful of how many minutes of your life are being allotted toward people or events you say “yes” to because you would feel guilty to decline.  This can be especially difficult for those of us who are people pleasers and don’t want to let anyone down.  You can compromise.  For example, if someone asks for your help on an evening when you were planning to spend time with your family:  “I am happy to help you for an hour once I get off work, but then I have other things that require my attention.”  Over time, you will become more comfortable saying “no” or stating specific boundaries when you know something is going to deplete you.

Set goals and focus.  This is one of the best confidence boosters of all!  What is it you have always wanted (or maybe even needed) to do?  It can be anything from losing a few pounds to going back to school and finishing your degree.  Your goal might not be an easy goal— perhaps it requires taking out a student loan or even a part time job.  As someone once said, “The time will pass anyway.  Might as well use it to accomplish something you want to do!”

Dress for success.  This has nothing to do with fashion or size but rather, what do you think you look great in?  What makes you feel beautiful when you’re wearing it?  The best money you can invest is in yourself, and this includes your wardrobe.  Made to measure is the difference between a shirt that fits and a shirt that fits you.  Annette Ellen Designs is happy to help.  Contact us at annette@annetteellendesigns.com for any questions you might have or to book a free private consultation!

What actions are you taking to support Self Love in your life?  Let us know on Twitter!  #AEDSelfLove!


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