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Figure Flattering Tips for Every Body

It’s a known fact that the average American woman is 5’4” tall and wears a size 12. So, when you think about it, the 5’10” size 2 models are women who do not reflect the normal American silhouette.

Follow us for our mini blog series “Go Figure” for figure flattering tips for Every Body! These commonsense tips can easily be lost in the busy lives of women, and their never-ending balancing act.

This “Go Figure” tip is for all you normal women who would like to look taller and thinner.   Wearing silhouettes with length, as opposed to width, helps elongate legs, giving the body a taller and slimmer look.

If you want your legs to look longer, wear waist or hipbone length jackets and tops, with pants or skirts featuring a high waist and vertical lines from the waist down.  Examples of vertical detailing include pants with creases or pleats, and skirts with seams, pleats, or vertical lines created by buttons or zippers.  Dresses with an empire waist are also a good choice.

You’ll find fashion silhouettes this season which support these tips. Pants with a stitched front crease and waist length tops are in style.  Also, the zip-front slim skirt is showing up in the fashion magazines – wear this with a short top or jacket and pointed- toe heels with a low-cut vamp, and you’re on your way to a taller, slimmer look!

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