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Flattering Oval Shaped Figures

If you read our Go Figure Blog 2, you may have determined your body shape is oval.  To recap, oval shaped bodies tend to have a full center, rounded shoulders, a flat bottom, and narrow hips.

However, oval shaped bodies usually have lovely assets such as an ample bust and shapely legs.  So in dressing this figure, our goal is to accentuate your bust and legs to balance out your midsection while also defining your waist.  Let us give you some ideas of what to look for in clothes that will flatter an oval figure!




  1. Shirts and blouses that are nipped, belted, or flare out at the hip. Longer shirts look good on you, but be mindful not to swim in fabric.
  2. Tailored jackets with wide stance collars (the first button should be below the bust) play up the bust while cinching the waist.
  3. Cowl neck, boat neck, scoop neck, or deep V-neck shirts will draw attention up from the midsection.
  4. Wrap tops that tie at the waist and flare at the hip will beautifully elongate your figure.
  5. Jeans with “whiskering” effects and/or pronounced hip and rear pockets help to balance out narrow hips and also add a little bit of fun.
  6. Wide leg trousers can also help draw attention from the midsection.
  7. Flowing or bubble skirts (1-5 inches above the knee) work well to show off one of your best assets— shapely legs!




  1. Tucked in shirts do not work, as they do nothing to create a waistline.
  2. Tapered/pleated trousers and clingy/mini skirts draw too much attention to the midsection.
  3. Baggy tops with puffy or full sleeves will only hide the curves you have up top.
  4. Bold patterns, large checks, and light colors above the waist can be too distracting. You want your look to be seamless.
  5. Horizontal stripes also create the illusion of width. If you must wear stripes, try vertical.
  6. Halter tops/dresses add perceived broadness to the shoulders.
  7. Shirts that are cropped or fall short against your waistline.

Remember while selecting clothes— you are already beautiful, and fashion’s job to make you look and feel your very best!

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