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Flattering a Pear-Shape Figure

Is your body pear-shaped?  If so, you have the most common body shape!  Get ready to have some fun creating your ideal wardrobe; you get to draw attention to the top half of your body, emphasizing your bust and shoulders and thereby de-emphasizing your hips.

As defined in our “Go Figure” Blog 2, you have a pear-shaped body if your top half is smaller than your bottom half; you have fuller hips, shoulders narrower than your hips and a defined waist.

Here’s what works and what doesn’t work for a pear-shaped figure:


  1. Jackets with interesting details around the neckline and which hit below your hips, not at the widest part of your hips. Be sure to select a jacket that fits your shoulders, you can always leave the bottom button open if necessary OR, ideally, have a jacket custom made to your measurements.
  2. Princess seam A-line dresses, wrap dresses and empire waist dresses that FIT your body.
  3. Tops with patterns, horizontal stripes or ruffles. Tunic tops and sweater twins-sets are good choices also.
  4. Keep it simple on the bottom and have fun with accessories; scarves and interesting necklaces are great for you!
  5. Flared leg pants or jeans draw attention away from the hips and create a balanced flattering line to the body.
  1. Straight skirts
  2. Tops with raglan sleeves and halter necklines
  3. Single layered, tight-fitting tops
  4. Pants or skirts with pleats, side pockets, lots of details or patterns that draw attention to the lower body.
  5. Tapered leg pants or jeans.

Have fun showing off your upper body. Remember to celebrate being YOU!

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