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Flattering Rectangle Shaped Figures

Go Figure – Figure Flattering Tips for Every Body – Part 6 — Rectangle Shaped

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about oval, pear, and hourglass shaped figures.  Last but not least, we will take a look at how to beautifully dress those of you with a rectangle shape.  This particular body shape tends to have straight hips, minimal definition in the waist, and a straight shoulders and rib cage.  Any weight gain tends to be evenly distributed.

Much like the hourglass body shape, the rectangle can actually pull off an assortment of garments and styles, but the secret is to be mindful of not widening the waist (as again, having a “straight up and down” frame, there is little waist definition).  So you will want to find ways to create more curves in your silhouette from the waist up as well as the waist down!

This works:

  1. A good push up bra, as well as any garment that is nipped right below the bust, can help create volume up top.
  2. Jackets that are at least relatively nipped at the waist can add more definition.
  3. Belts! Especially for cinching in tunic tops, dresses, etc— belts can be your new best friend.
  4. Boot cut jeans and A-line skirts can provide balance toward the bottom, making the waist appear smaller.
  5. If you’re going to wear prints, your best bet is as a blouse paired with a solid skirt (cinched with a nice belt, of course!)
  6. Skinny or tapered jeans tend to work well with your straight frame, providing they are well-fitted at the waist.
  7. Crisp, button down shirts look amazing on this shape!

This doesn’t:

  1. Belts are truly one of your best accessories, but belts in light colors or patterns can actually make the waist look larger. Regardless of whether you choose a skinny or a wide belt, opt for dark solids.
  2. Avoid wide leg or flared pants, as those can make your frame appear too bulky.
  3. High waisted pants and skirts over exaggerate the straightness of your waist.
  4. Cropped jackets or other garments that end at the waist do not “break up” your figure to create curves.
  5. Shapeless clothes— avoid, as the main goal of your wardrobe should be to create waist definition. If you are wearing a sweater dress, for instance, add a belt!
  6. Boxy jackets or double-breasted coats do a disservice to your figure, as do pleats.
  7. Surprisingly, wrap dresses are generally not the best pick for this shape. Unless you are one of the more endowed rectangles, there tends to be a struggle to fill them out up top.

The take away for all the rectangle shapes out there is that it’s literally all about the waist.  But remember, these are guidelines, not rules!  Think of clothing as an extension of your personality— be comfortable in your clothing, but more importantly, be comfortable in your own skin.

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