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Flattering Hourglass Shaped Figures

Go Figure – Figure Flattering Tips for Every Body, Part 5 — Hourglass – Shaped

Today we are going to talk about dressing the iconic hourglass figure.  According to most women, this is the “ideal” body shape (especially as pop culture would make one to believe).  However, that is misleading.  A more accurate statement would be this body shape tends to be the most balanced.  An hourglass figure tends to have curves in equal proportion on the top and bottom with a narrow waist.

And just like the pears, ovals, and rectangles, the hourglass has its own styles that either flatter or flat out don’t work.  What we want to do for this body shape is highlight the soft curves while further accenting the naturally defined waist.  Let’s consider now what will work and what to avoid!

This works:

  1. Low necklines such as V-necks. These work well to subtly direct attention toward the waist.
  2. Snug, tailored, or even stretchy materials (think knits or silk blends) can beautifully hug your curves without being too tight.
  3. Jackets that are short and fall just above the hip can be flattering, as can belted or trench-style coats.
  4. Traditional A-line and pencil skirts can further streamline an hourglass figure.
  5. Boot cut jeans or pants with a slight flare provide additional balance. Especially with a mid- to high rise.
  6. Belted dresses or tops further accentuate the waist.

This doesn’t:

  1. Wide necklines like boat necks or squares. These can make you look too top heavy.
  2. Also avoid high necklines such as turtlenecks, which draw attention away from the waist.
  3. Stiff fabrics add boxiness and bulk.
  4. Too much detail such as ruffles, bows, etc. are not only a distraction but can add unwanted volume, especially if placed at the bust or at the waist.
  5. Skinny leg pants should be approached with caution, as they can make an hourglass figure appear shorter and a bit stout. (However, you may be able to pair this style of pant with heels and a flowing top with flattering results.)
  6. Jeans with details at the hips can add too much width, throwing your bottom half out of balance. Also avoid jeans with a low rise.

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas as you go about creating your outfits and exploring your women’s custom apparel options.  Regardless of whether you’re dressing for work or a night out on the town, the most important thing is to wear clothes that make you not only look but feel great!

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