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Building Your Wardrobe, Creating Outfits

Create your outfits!

Now that you’ve come this far, the final step will be creating your outfits.  This is where you will start branching out by wearing colors you normally may believe would not work well together.  There are many color combination guides you can find online by publications such as InStyle, but we would love to give you a jump start!

As we’ve mentioned previously, Black, Navy, and Khaki are the “go to” colors for many women (and men!).  Black, of course, goes with almost everything.  But you would be surprised at how much fun you can have with Navy and Tan!  Neutrals work best as pants (or suits), so if you have a great pair of Navy slacks, don’t feel as if you must always default to a White blouse.

Orange, Bubblegum Pink, Kelly Green, and Turquoise are all great color options to dress up Navy.  Try mixing a bright Pink blouse and Navy slacks with Turquoise heels.  As for a Khaki pant or skirt, an Orange blouse works surprisingly well, as does a Lime Green.  If you have a Khaki skirt and a summery Lime Green sweater, try on a Gold belt or shoes.  Which, by the way, forget the old rule that dictates shoes and purses must match—they do not.  The point is to execute your style effortlessly, with grace and ease.  Silver and other metallic shades of purses and belts can add gorgeous finishing touches to your outfit.

And although Black, Khaki, and Navy are the most common neutrals, there are other neutrals you may wish to explore such as Olive or Gray.  Here are a few pairing ideas for the more “obscure” neutrals!

  • Olive and Coral
  • Olive and Celery
  • Ivory and Forest Green
  • Ivory and Buttercream Yellow
  • Gray and Seafoam


Once you start matching bright colors you might not normally wear with your neutrals, have fun creating a few outfits that abandon neutrals completely.  Mix bright colors with other bright colors!  Find a Poppy skirt you love?  Try it with another deep shade such as Chocolate or Lime.  A Marigold suit might look fantastic with an unexpected Pomegranate blouse.  Mandarin capris worn with a Purple shirt would add some color going into fall.

Color is all around.  You can find a Khaki pant or a bright Pink blouse at almost any department store.  However, if you are craving the perfect fit, Annette Ellen Designs offers Made to Measure couture in a very extensive color palette.  Our collection is designed to where each piece can work elegantly with almost any of our other pieces.  For example, our Fitted Silk Charmeuse Top is available in 20 colors– the #144 Blue or the #256 Purple (as well as almost any other color selection) would pair well with our Slim Leg Satin Pant in Ivory.

We are now booking private appointments for our Spring 2015 Collection.  Call us at 513-324-4137 or e-mail: Annette@AnnetteEllenDesigns.com to arrange your consultation!


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