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Building Your Wardrobe, Shopping!

Let’s Go Shopping!

We have conquered our closets and carefully created our list… now it is time to actually go shopping!

It seems the world is divided into two groups of people. Some individuals love retail therapy and subscribe to the “I love it, so I bought it!” philosophy. They end up with a closet filled with beautiful clothes yet nothing to wear. Others hate shopping because they “just can’t find anything,” so they keep the same 7 or 8 outfits on rotation. In this blog, we will unlearn whatever limiting beliefs you may have about shopping, so that we can shop with a wardrobe mentality!

Alone Time: Most of the time shopping is enjoyed as a shared activity, but in order to build your wardrobe, you will want to go alone. This will not only eliminate distractions but will also keep you from making impulse purchases that you might get talked into. You’re on a mission, so you must stay focused!

Shoes: To save time and aggravation pulling on boots or lacing up sneakers, wear slip on shoes for easy access.

Variety: Try on anything (and everything!) that catches your eye. So often, we have such a narrow catalog of what we think looks good on us—certain colors, this or that cut, etc.— it is easy to forget clothes look different on an actual person than they do on a hanger or a mannequin. You might be surprised to discover the cropped slacks that seemed too tapered hanging from the rack are beautifully tailored to your frame.

Size Up the Situation: When you grab your usual size before visiting the dressing room, try to also take the next size smaller and the next size larger. So if you wear a size 8, also try on a size 6 and a size 10. Ignore the number on the size tag, and go with the one that fits and looks the best.

Sleep on It: Unsure of whether an item works? There’s no need to rush. Use your phone to take a picture of yourself wearing the item in the dressing room mirror. Then revisit that snapshot in a day or two, to determine if you still love the garment. Sometimes an item we thought we couldn’t live without ends up being just “meh.”

Mirror, Mirror: Most dressing rooms have a single full-length mirror in the stall. If you notice a 3-way mirror in the fitting area hallway, don’t be afraid to step out and take advantage of it. A dress that looks great from the front and sides might not be cut to your liking in the back, etc.

Sales Associate: Most boutiques have sales associates who double as stylists, and you can enlist their expertise to determine how well a garment fits you. They are often happy to answer any questions you might have, as well as make any additional suggestions. For your comfort and convenience, Annette Ellen Designs offers appointments for private consultations.

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Return Policy (Or Guarantee): If you cannot resist the urge to grab the last cable knit sweater in your size (but still don’t know how you really feel about the shade of green it’s in), double check to see if the store offers a good return policy. For luxury items, see what kind of guarantee is offered. Annette Ellen Designs is proud to offer a “No Risk Guarantee” to all first time customers placing a made to measure order. If the customer is not satisfied with the final fit, they will accept a return or exchange of their garment. Quality clothing is an investment, and it is important to protect your investment!

Now that you are equipped with a wardrobe mentality, you should find it much easier and less stressful to shop for the items on your list. Stay focused but also remember to relax and have fun!

Check back soon– in the next and final installment of our BUILDING YOUR WARDROBE Series, we will talk about how to actually create outfits. Many designers often refer to the old adage: “Wear the clothes; don’t let the clothes wear you!” Likewise, you will learn style tricks that upon entering a room, people will say “You look great!” instead of “What a great dress!”


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