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Building Your Wardrobe, Shopping List

Make your shopping list!

In Blog 1 of our BUILDING YOUR WARDROBE Series, we conquered our closets by deciding which items to keep and which ones to let go. Now it is time to create a list so we will know what to focus on when we go shopping!

Grab a pad and pen, and let’s revisit the items we have decided to keep.

We all have a certain piece of clothing or an accessory that is pure fun or makes us feel like a million bucks when we wear it. Look at your newly downsized wardrobe and ask yourself, “Which of these are my most beloved items, and what do they have in common?”

One thing to consider is COLOR. For many of us, black is the go to. After all, there is a reason the little black dress is black! Black flatters any figure and skin tone, and it can also be dressed up (or down) with a wide range of accessories. Right behind black, we see a lot of gray, brown, and navy. However, if you find your wardrobe consists of too much black or brown, it may be time to find some complementary pieces. Perhaps a red oversized bag, belt, and shoes trio to brighten up that black dress, or instead of head-to-toe earth tones, swap out that green sweater with a bright turquoise blouse to wear with your favorite tan slacks.

Check out how our Annette Ellen Designs silk pencil skirt beautifully dresses up a basic black top. Although the skirt is shown in an elegant turquoise, our color palette expands to twenty gorgeous colors to take you through various seasons and events—from spring weddings to holiday parties!

You can also do a lot with color just by adding accessories!

PAIRINGS are also very important. If you have a favorite button down shirt, you probably tend to wear it with the same skirt or pant. But there is a good chance it can go with a few other items in your wardrobe. This is the next thing to consider, as you can significantly expand your wardrobe with some quick mixing and matching tricks. Remember the black dress that you wore with the red oversized handbag, belt, and shoes? It could also look amazing with a silver cardigan or shrug and a pair of black or silver flats.

Likewise, Annette Ellen Designs offers gorgeous tops that can transition seamlessly from casual wear with your favorite jeans to a more formal look when paired with a silk skirt or dress pants.

Not to mention the endless possibilities afforded by swapping out accessories! Did you know even a plain white tee shirt and jeans can be transformed into many different outfits simply by changing your scarf, shoes, purse, and jewelry?

Also, let’s not forget SHAPE. Maybe you love off-the-shoulder sweaters or your favorite shirt is a halter top. Determine which shapes make you feel your best, and add a few notes to your list so you can remember to keep an eye out while shopping. You might pass by a window display of a gorgeous halter dress that reminds you of your favorite halter top!

Last, we will make a point to replace any well-loved staples such as jeans and sweaters that have reached the end of their lives. This is also a great opportunity to experiment with different takes on classic pieces. If you have always worn boot cut jeans, don’t be afraid to try on “skinny jeans” or ones with a higher rise. Instead of your usual dark wash denim, see how you look in a lighter wash. Same goes for color—if you tend to reach for black or navy cardigans, see what the lime green one might do!

But most of all, have fun! A great wardrobe is a way to show off your unique personality.

Check back often to read the continuation of our BUILDING YOUR WARDROBE Series—next time, we will actually go shopping. Now that we’ve made our list, we can shop with a wardrobe mentality. You will be amazed with the results!

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